A Christmas Aether

With the end of the terror of The Infernal Aether, surely humanity is safe at last?

A Christmas Aether - Three brand new short stories from the universe of The Infernal Aether. Free to all members of my readers' group - join today for instant download!
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About the Book

In A Christmas Aether, Augustus Potts, beaten and bloody amidst the demon-infested London East End, is visited by three familiar spirits who reveal terrifying insights into the past, present and future. Can Augustus save his friends as well as the world before it is too late?

In The Ballad of William Morley, a zealous police officer struggles with personal loss in the midst of increasing unrest resulting from the Aether’s demonic invasion. Can he retain his sense of right and wrong while everything crumbles around him?

Finally, the newly rediscovered scientific / occult document The Potts Demonology provides valuable insights into the changes which took place in the late 19th Century, as well as the creatures which forced this chaos onto the world.

This book brings together three new stories following on from the events of The Infernal Aether and foreshadowing the battles to come in the next instalment: The Bornless Ones, coming in late 2016.

Series: The Infernal Aether, Book 2
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Gothic Fantasy, Steampunk
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novella - 26,000 words
List Price: Exclusively Free to Members of My Readers Group

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