160604_Ask Pete scaledI figured it was high time I gave you all a brief update, as I’m sure you’re thinking the silence is pretty deafening on this end…

The follow-up novel to The Infernal Aether (working title: The Bornless Ones) is currently sitting proud at just under the 80,000 word mark. All was going swimmingly until my characters started making stuff up as they went along, meaning that I’ve got to the start of the Third Act and am back to the drawing board, with the original ending I had planned no longer working!

I know it sounds pretentious to say that my characters are doing stuff without me wanting them to, but trust me: it’s an occupational hazard. On the plus side, it’s a good sign that I’ve created them strong enough that they basically do their own thing whether I want them to or not (mentioning no names…*cough*Kate*cough*!), but on the downside I’m now knee-deep in plans, sketches and research. The story arc’s still the same, it’s just that they’ve managed to get themselves into an even stickier situation than I planned, so I need to work out how I get them out of it – if indeed I do get them out of it…mwah-hah-hah…!

But I’m quietly confident – while The Infernal Aether came from a collection of short stories (and sometimes really does read like that, if I’m being brutally honest), this next novel is a full-length novel drawing on one central story – and I’m really liking the way that’s panning out – so watch this space.

In other news, I’ve been filling a lot of my spare time with my other pet project – the wedding speech / public speaking thing – and if you or someone you know is getting married or doing a speech, do check out www.perfectweddingspeech.com

Also… A chance comment by an Irish friend in a cafe the other day has got me thinking about a new idea for a fiction novel which I think has real legs – it’ll be a departure from my usual, in that it’s more of a psychological thriller grounded in the present (although I’m leaning toward a dystopian present / near future maybe – sorry, can’t help myself!). So that’s something else to look forward to!

Do feel free to leave comments or questions – I’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget that A Christmas Aether, the follow-up novella to The Infernal Aether, is free to subscribers to my readers’ group*, if you can’t wait for me to stop dithering on the other stuff… 🙂


*You can also buy it on Amazon, but I’m guessing like me you’d prefer to get things free where you can…!


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