So I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I last posted – time flies and all that…!

I’m in the thick of reading “Songs & Words” by Ginger Wildheart (a review to follow very soon) and I’ve got to the point where he’s venturing into crowdfunding his 555 album on PledgeMusic, which served as a very timely (if slightly roundabout) kick up the butt to me to get back on the writing trail again. It’s not as spurious a link as it might seem, as my first novel “The Infernal Aether” was published thanks to the generosity of a small but perfectly formed group of people who believed in me enough to pre-buy the book through an Indiegogo campaign and as a result help fulfill a life-long dream of finally seeing my name (and pretty warped imagination) in print.

But, as I said in the previous post, I’m not stopping there, and the second novel (provisionally titled The Bornless Ones, a term I came across in a mediaeval grimoire and have fallen in love with even though (because?) it’s pretty nonsensical…) is in the pipeline.

At time of writing, the first draft stands at around 70,000 words – a point it’s sat at for the past few months while I got diverted by some other projects (noteably my fledgling wedding speech business – check out if you’re curious, or have a wedding coming up…!). But now my butt’s been well and truly kicked and I promise to be back on the writing trail in the morning, which at the moment looks like being accompanied by a nice little hangover…

As for what’s in it? Well, as readers of A Christmas Aether will realise, I’m being a bit mean to the characters, and a few years on from the Battle of Greenwich (at the end of the first book) finds them all wrestling with their own demons – literally and figuratively speaking. They’ll all get thrown to the four winds and have to fend for themselves – something which comes easier to some than others. And we see the return of a much-loved foe…

Plus Kate has a bigger role in this one, which I know will please quite a few people. She’s a funny one – in the first book I only ever meant for her to be a bit-part character, but she wouldn’t stand for this and elbowed her way to the front of my mind until, battered and bruised, I gave in and allowed her to grow into what is one of the most popular characters in the book. Funny how these things work out – but that’s another blog post all by itself…!

Anyway – I’m off to lose myself in something else in my last night of freedom before I hammer out the remaining 40,000 or so words – I promise not to leave it as long til the next post and will keep you posted.

Until then, I’m looking for new reads (it looks like I’ll finish inhaling “Songs & Words” tonight!) and would welcome any suggestions – the more off-the-wall the better!


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